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If you have been tolerating poor health, feeling tired all the time, gaining weight and finding it harder and harder to lose no matter what you try, then it’s time to consider working with a Health Coach.

A Health Coach is there to ignite that spark of motivation and keep it alight so that you can reach your full health potential. Health Coaches understand that improving our health is a behaviour change process. Not only do we need the right health, nutrition and lifestyle plan we also need the right ‘mindset’ support so we can feel inspired and motivated to reach our health goals and live life optimally well.


 A Professional Health Coach is a type of life coach, (who can practice as a life coach too), but is trained to specialise in Health, Nutrition & Wellness;  Health Coaches care deeply about, and have the skills and training to influence the overall health, wellness and happiness of everyone they work with.

My vision for you as a health coach, quite simply, is to help you find a healthier world by supporting you to achieve your goals that you never thought possible.  Enabling you to see life through fresh eyes so that you can have the body you want and the healthy lifestyle to support it.

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Health is wealth



For those who want health benefits of cannabis without psychoactive effects. 

Edibles & Drinks

Edibles & Drinks

Cannabis edibles and drink. 



Natural supplements to treat ailments and improve your overall health. 

How can we help?

I'm in pain

For mild pain, we recommend the Herbal Infused Oils (can be taken during the day).

For intense pain contact me directly on the contact page to discuss.

I have an autoimmune disease

For internal diseases we have a few options available, please get in contact via the contact page.

For external diseases, we recommend the CannaButter, Epsom Salt in your bath, and Rescue Soap.

I struggle with mental issues

Get in touch with me via the contact page to discuss what product would be best suited for you.

I'm fighting cancer

Get in contact with me to discuss what product we have and how lifestyle changes can help.

Treat your body with care