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For those who want health benefits of cannabis without psychoactive effects. 

Edibles & Drinks

Edibles & Drinks

Cannabis edibles and drink. 



Natural supplements to treat ailments and improve your overall health. 

How can we help?

I'm in pain

For mild pain, we recommend the FECO Oils (can be taken during the day).

For intense pain, we recommend the FECO Capsules or FECO Syringes (to be taken at night).

I have an autoimmune disease

For internal diseases, we recommend the Acclimation Pack under FECO Capsules. It will bring the biggest relief in the shortest amount of time.

For external diseases, we recommend the CannaButter, Epsom Salt in your bath, and Rescue Soap.

I struggle with mental issues

The most effective treatment is Psilocybin (Mushrooms).

Alternative treatments can be using the GrapeSeed FECO Oil.

I'm fighting cancer

Following the RSO guidelines, we have two different packages available for cancer patients. The Cancer Pack Capsules and Cancer Pack Syringes.

Treat your body with care